Turkish Cargo transports 100 tons of fish to Oman

4-star airline company Turkish Cargo carried 1,5 million live Gilt-head breams weighing 100 tons to Oman from Izmir

Boeing 777F Turkish Cargo

Mr. Serkan Ilgaz, Executive Vice President, Production at Kilic Holding, said:
‘’We are the only company performing sea fish imports operations from
Turkey. We carried approximately 1,5 million baby gilt-head breams to the Indian
Ocean off the coast of Oman in shorter than forty hours, and performed our first
shipment with Turkish Cargo. We hope to keep developing our cooperation with our
flag-carrier airline with new achievements in the future.”
Standing as the dynamic brand across the cargo industry managing its operations in
accordance with the guidelines published by the International Air Transportation
Association (IATA), Turkish Cargo exercises maximum care in all transportation
operations for live animals, and maintains the best safety, comfort and hygienic
conditions with its well-trained personnel.