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  • Air China & Cathay Pacific Airways

    Air China has said it will increase its stake in Cathay Pacific Airways to nearly 30 per cent by buying shares from CITIC Pacific at HK$6.335 billion. The Beijingbased airline will buy 491.9 million shares of Cathay at HK$12.88...... Read More
  • June figures up for Cathay, but yields hurting

    Hong Kong-based Cathay Pacific Airways and its subsidiary Dragonair have reported moderating declines in cargo tonnage with the two carriers uplifting a total 123,860 tonnes of cargo and mail in June, down 10 per cent on June 2008. The...... Read More
  • Cathay Pacific Cargo meets challenges head-on

    Faced with unprecedented air cargo market challenges vastly different from those faced by the airline a year earlier, Cathay Pacific Cargo is tapping a broad-based strategy for coping with the sharp decline in cargo traffic, says Titus Diu, the...... Read More
  • Cathay loses US$980 million on hedging gamble

    Cathay Pacific Airways has joined many of its counterparts in reporting huge fuel-hedging losses, plunging the previously profitable Asian carrier into an expected record loss for last year, the South China Morning Post reported. The loss on Cathay’s fuel-hedging...... Read More