Swiss WorldCargo, Cargologic, SATS do MoU

The MoU was signed in Zurich in December by (l-r) Marco Gredig, managing director of Cargologic; Oliver Evans, SWISS’s chief cargo officer; and Alex Hungate, president and CEO of SATS.

Cargologic SATS do MoU Swiss WorldCargo

Swiss WorldCargo and its partner ground handling companies Cargologic AG and SATS concluded a ground-breaking Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in December, aimed at further enhancing their cargo handling and information services. The MoU outlines the basis for the partners’ future collaborations and alignments in areas such as quality, e-initiatives, temperature-controlled transport management and specialised handling solutions.


The new agreement establishes a unique and innovative “quality alliance” among the three partners that will position itself as a knowledge, innovation and quality leader with a special focus on providing value-adding services and superior facilities. Within the new alliance, Swiss WorldCargo, SATS and Cargologic will share knowledge and best practices and will collaborate in the fields of information technology, facility development, joint training, staff/management attachments and joint innovation workshops.


The concept of the agreement is not only to bring the three parties to the agreement much closer together, but to facilitate exchange and mutual learning between the respective air cargo communities of Singapore and Switzerland, including the administrations, as both states share a number of characteristics and values including a commitment to a liberal aviation market innovation and quality leadership.


In the temperature-controlled transport management field, the three parties have agreed to actively cultivate Good Distribution Practice (GDP) at both Cargologic’s certified cool chain facilities and SATS  network stations across Asia (particularly Zurich and Singapore) to promote pharmaceutical and other temperature-controlled airfreight for Swiss WorldCargo. The same network stations will also see specialised handling solutions adopted to promote the carriage of premium and care-intensive airfreight such as valuables shipments for Swiss WorldCargo, as well as the provision of new value-adding services.