Silk Way West begins B747-8F service to JFK

Azerbaijan’s Silk Way West Airlines has just inaugurated its first flight to the US – New York JFK – from its hub at Baku’s Heydar Aliyev International Airport on 27 May. Perhaps not a well-known name in the industry, it’s rapid expansion with modern aircraft feeding its global ambitions, make it a carrier to watch.

Silk Way West begins B747-8F service to JFK

The weekly B747-8F direct service to JFK, “is the milestone for Azerbaijan-USA cargo aviation history and will bring two countries closer,” the carrier said on its website.

With a small but rapidly growing modern fleet, the Azerbaijan-based allcargo carrier is quietly making waves in the air cargo market, as this new transpacific service illustrates. Operating three B747-400Fs the carrier took delivery of two B747-8s last year and quickly ordered three more in March.

A seemingly bold move at a time when over-capacity in the industry is seeing freighters parked right, left and centre.

“If you name the airlines that have B747-8Fs you will see quite known names in the market, but now if you see the names of owners you will also see Silk Way West and that’s a very proud event for us,” said Nidjat Babayev, VP global sales, Europe and Asia for Silk Way West Airlines. “We hope to be a global player,” he added.

The carrier operates scheduled services to Asia and Europe including daily to Hong Kong, Shanghai and Incheon as well as three flights a week to Dubai, along side European destinations of Frankfurt-Hahn, Milan, Malpensa, Stansted, Kiev and Istanbul.

The first aircraft from the most recent order of three B747-8s that was made in March will begin arriving in August and with that Silk Way West will launch its first Japan service, according to for the carrier. He went on to say that the next two aircraft that are scheduled for delivery Spring next year will see the start of Hanoi flights.