Setting high Standards from Within

Following on from a number of noteworthy achievements, Payload Asia spoke to David Kerr, Senior Vice President of Etihad Cargo, to discuss what the recent accomplishments mean for the fastest growing cargo division of Etihad Airways

After a weak start to 2016, the air cargo industry ended the year on a very positive note. This rang true for Etihad Cargo as well, who experienced freight growth at the end of the year, recording their busiest month in October, surpassing a recorded previous best by uplifting 501 tonnes more cargo. The freight division mainly attributed the result to growth in perishables traffic from Africa, US inbound and outbound traffic and volumes from Europe to Asia Pacific.

Etihad cargo, the fastest growing cargo division of Etihad Airways since its establishment in 2004 has had a steady growth rate over the years, leading up to becoming the US $1 billion business it is today. Apart from its freighter fleet, the cargo division is complemented by belly hold capacity from the passenger fleet, with over 100 aircraft, allowing them to carry more cargo to more destinations.

Despite the challenges they faced over the last two years with declining yields, Etihad Cargo has started the year off on the right foot, managing to maintain a modest growth rate through the first quarter of the year. “2017 has got off to a solid start and most of the indicators from industry analysts are positive. Th e first quarter of 2017 was noticeably quite strong for Etihad Cargo, and the upward trend looks set to continue into the second quarter of the year,” added David Kerr, senior vice president, Etihad Cargo.