Rickenbacker cargo business bustling

It has been a busy year at Ohio’s Rickenbacker International Airport which is eagerly anticipating more of the same for 2015. Michael Mackey reports.

Rickenbacker cargo business bustling

“In 2014 we will break another record for the number of international 747 freighters landing at Rickenbacker,” said Bryan Schreiber, manager, business development – air cargo. “In 2009 that number was 109, in 2012 it grew to 162, and we are on pace to break 280 in 2014 – with most of those being the newer 747-8s flown by Cathay Pacific and Cargolux. With our existing flight schedule, we should easily have over 300 arrivals of 747-8s and hope to add another carrier or two to that mix,” he added.

A more telling number is international cargo throughput, currently up 13.4 per cent this year in large part because both Cathay Pacific and Cargolux now flying there three times weekly.

“The (Cathay) service began in September and we are already routinely maxing out the available space on flights scheduled three days each week. Our partners at Cargolux plan to begin exporting goods through Europe by the end of the year,” added David Whitaker, VP, business development and communications. Topping out on imports is textiles, exports are a bit more mixed.

There is a significant amount manufacturing in the Midwest, so it is no surprise Rickenbacker often moves car parts and components. Besides this there is a mix of HazMat, medical equipment, precision instrumentation, specialised metals, genetics, health and beauty products.