Regional freight forwarders discuss key issues in Taipei

Freight forwarders must work with their customers in the rapidly growing e-commerce arena to ensure not just profi tability, but the very survival of their freight forwarding businesses, said the chairman of the Federation of Asia-Pacifi c Air Cargo Associations (FAPAA) in Taipei recently. Donald Urquhart reports from Taipei.

In our ever changing environment the most dramatic changes are occurring now in the field of information and communications and the associated electronic commerce and while some economies are more advanced than others, we will all need the knowledge and business tools to understand and prosper within a new trading environment,” said FAPAA chairman Willie van Heusden. “In many ways forwarders have been leaders in the past and it is in the field of e-commerce that we must work hand-in-hand with our customers in this environment to ensure our profitability and the survival of our businesses.”

Van Heusden made the comments at the opening of the association’s 42nd Executive Council Meeting (ECM), hosted by the Taipei Airfreight Forwarders & Logistics Association of Taiwan (TAFLA) on 5-7 September in Taipei.

He went on to note that the strength of the four-decade-old regional association lies in the “sharing of information and the application of that understanding and knowledge within our own businesses.”

“This enables our respective memberships and their customers to interact and transact business under a more unified and standardised approach within the region. The strength and sharing and learning from the experience of others has been particularly evident with issues such as the ongoing discussion regarding air cargo security and the eff orts to introduce some more modern equitable global cargo agency modernisation programme with IATA.