Miami continues growth with one eye on belly

Miami International Airport (MIA) which has grown at a steady if unspectacular clip this year is preparing to add something different to its already strong intra-American position. Michael Mackey has the story.

Miami continues growth with one eye on belly

MIA registered a 3.9 per cent increase in total freight up till September, helped by international activity running about four per cent over from last year. This is a recent development as well into summer it was experiencing relatively little growth.

“However, we are seeing an uplift in Asian traffic, some growth from parts of Europe and from certain points in Latin America, particularly Colombia, our largest cargo market in tonnage,” Chris Mangos, director of marketing at Miami-Dade Aviation Department, told Payload.

What’s not so new is Miami’s importance in Western Hemisphere, or intra-American trade. “Yes, MIA is the leading hub in the region. MIA virtually controls all air trade flowing between the Americas, handling 84 per cent of all air imports and 81 per cent of all exports flowing between the Latin American / Caribbean region and the USA,” Mangos explains.

Overall 88 per cent of its trade is international with only 12 per cent domestic and much of that feeds into international. In late October it was estimating year-end total at about two million tonnes. As for next years Mangos is cautiously optimistic, not to mention very guarded.

Further growth in ‘15

“For 2015, we see considerable capacity being generated in belly cargo as expansion of service levels and larger aircraft are added to the mix. There are two possible new routes that might transpire during the year, but no announcements have been made at this time,” he added.