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  • 07 Aug 2018

    The eco-conscious Hactl

    As one of Hong Kong’s largest independent cargo handler, Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminals Limited (Hactl) is working on a new strategy that is a part of their long-running “Green Terminal” environmental programme. Where the latest phase is set...... Read More
  • 06 Aug 2018

    Northrop Grumman’s CommandPoint® Computer-Aided Dispatch System

    An upgrade is in need for California’s Verdugo Fire Communications Center. As the work to upgrade the dispatch system to Northrop Grumman’s CommandPoint® Computer-Aided Dispatch System is in the works. As the emergency dispatchers serving the California cities of...... Read More
  • 06 Aug 2018

    DSV and Clarks expands to mainland Europe

    A collaboration is in place for DSV and Clarks, a leading British shoe manufacturer. As the plans for a 10,000 m2distribution centre on Mainland Europe. With the new facility set up, DSV will be operating the facility from their...... Read More
  • 04 Aug 2018

    Singapore the Top Exporters in APAC

    A research study, commissioned by FedEx Express found that the Small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Singapore were the top exporters by revenue in APAC. As they see a jump in digital technologies seen as one of the key...... Read More
  • 03 Aug 2018

    Mixed Results for Schiphol Cargo

    The mid-year figures at Schiphol Cargo, showed an increase in belly cargo but the slot restrictions continue to impact overall volume. It was reported that there was a 2.3 per cent volume increase in belly cargo figures, as China...... Read More
  • 03 Aug 2018

    AirBridgeCargo demonstrates their ‘abc CARE’ services

    As one of the leading air cargo carriers in the world, AirBridgeCargo Airlines (ABC), their line of services extends to live animal transportation. As a show of their capabilities, ABC has successfully transported 66 giraffes onboard one of its...... Read More
  • 02 Aug 2018

    Q3 2018 Air Trade Leading Index from DHL Hong Kong

    In a nutshell, the overall trade outlook for the third quarter of 2018 dropped. In comparison to the previous quarter of 2018, it dropped slightly, as a result of the constant change in the global dynamics. Fortunately, the Q3...... Read More
  • 02 Aug 2018

    DHL Global Forwarding expands in Indonesia

    The global forwarding company, DHL is launching a warehouse to provide constant temperature between 2-8°C , certified by the Jakarta Government's meteorology agency. This will help Indonesia's life sciences industry optimize their supply chains ahead of rapid projected...... Read More
  • 01 Aug 2018

    Outline’s New Superfly lands in Lithuania

    The eponymous concert, located in the Baltic coastal resort town of Palanga, has just been outfitted with a state-of-the-art Outline audio system. The system is designed to handle all the diverse demands of a contemporary performance space.... Read More
  • 01 Aug 2018

    Strong passenger traffic growth in April

    With a 6.1% increase on a year-over-year basis, just below its 12-months rolling average of 6.5% reported by the Airports Council International (ACI) World, there is a strong growth in passenger traffic growth around the globe.... Read More