Korean continues impressive maindeck renewal

For a carrier with so much going for it and what’s more, a cargo operator buying new freighters as the rest of the industry either tries, or possibly should be trying to offload maindeck capacity, Korean Air with its current fleet of 27 wide-body freighters, is very, very modest. Michael Mackey has the story.

Korean continues impressive maindeck renewal

Korean Air is to continue its investment for asset augmentation,” said Korean, adding that five B777 freighters are planned to be introduced starting from 2016. With a current maindeck fleet of eight B747- 400ERFs, nine B747-400Fs, five B747-8Fs and five B777Fs, it also has outstanding orders for two more of the -8Fs.

The carrier was, however, very tightlipped about how this will rejig the cargo component of its fleet. The general assumption being made is that this will allow Korean to offload some of the older freighters it has, with eyes focused on the B747-400 freighters it has.

“At the moment, there has not been a confirmation regarding asset transmission,” S.K. Kim cargo marketing director, Southeast Asia and Oceania Regional Headquarters told Payload.

More understandable is Korean’s reluctance to comment even in broad brush terms about how these new aircraft will be used. With deliveries from 2016 – and even though that is only next year – by then the market could be vastly different from today, so asking which products and on what routes the new metal will ply, is perhaps unrealistic at this point.

“Through introduction of fuel-efficient B777F, fleet utilisation rate will be maximised for Korean Air’s network service,” he said. One of the details that emerges although it’s by default rather than design, is the importance of environment for the way Korean plans.