Kerry Logistics

Global Logistics Provider of the Year (Industry Choice) X Factor Award (Customer Choice)

Global Logistics Provider of the Year (Industry Choice) X Factor Award (Customer Choice)

What is the significance of this award to your company?

“To be crowned the Global Logistics Provider of the Year for two consecutive years is a great honour for us. Th e award recognises Kerry Logistics’ outstanding achievements in development strategy, operational performance, customer service, product innovations and overall growth.

We are also delighted to receive the fi rst ever X Factor Award which recognises Kerry Logistics’ standing at the forefront of innovation. Internally, such recognition was earned by relentless dedication and hard work of our staff and it acts as a driving force for us to reach beyond and achieve higher.

Externally it is an acknowledgement from the industry, a vote of confi dence from our customers and it shows that that our services are recognised by the market and our peers.”

What do you see as the key factors contributing to your win?

Global Logistics Provider of the Year: “During the year, Kerry Logistics has further expanded its operating scale, strengthened its service capabilities and extended network coverage into markets including Middle East, Canada and US.

Currently, we are building an ASEAN-wide regional express platform to tap into the increasing intra-ASEAN trade and the growing e-commerce market.”