GSA sector still developing in Asia

Although the general sales agents (GSA) industry in Hong Kong is developing, it is not as popular as in western countries, such as in Europe, says Johnson Ma, general manager of Antares International, which is the Hong Kong GSA of American Airlines Cargo. Wong Joon San has the story.

GSA sector still developing in Asia

Most regional carriers, which had huge capacity and large fleets, preferred to have their own sales force, he said, adding that his company was only acting as a GSA for American Airlines Cargo in Hong Kong.

“American Airlines began on-line service between Hong Kong and Dallas/ Fort Worth (DFW) on 13 June 2014 and we are expecting to handle more than 200 tonnes per month. Before on-line service, we were operating off-line service,” Ma said.

“Shipments were carried by interline partners to Narita International Airport (NRT) and connected on American flights to the US and Latin America. In 2013, we handled around 1,000 tonnes of cargo and around 900 tonnes in 2012,” he said.

Ma says American began offering nonstop service between HKG and DFW with a flight time of more than 16 hours in June. “While the new service creates great opportunities for connecting cargo to the US and Latin America, the major challenge is the constraint in payload,” he replying to a question regarding main challenges of the GSA industry in Hong Kong.

Asked about GSA industry prospects in the near future, Ma said: “The GSA industry has a bright future as more airlines will realise the benefit of out-sourcing sales activities to wellexperienced GSA in terms of cost control and reliable performance.”