Good times here again?

The ‘Good Times’, perhaps ‘Better Times’ might be a better description, it appears are increasingly back, but by how much and for how much longer are lingering questions. Michael Mackey reports.

Good times here again?

Leading the way in terms of support for this view is none other than global industry trade body IATA whose February figures showed a sharp increase in year-on-year airfreight volumes. “Growth measured by freight tonne kilometers (FTK) was up 11.7 per cent in February, compared to February 2014,” it said.

Better still was the similar but more quaintly expressed view of World ACD.

“Nothing sheepish about growth…..With a volume increase of 8.0 per cent yearover- year February appears to have been another month of solid air cargo growth, continuing the trend of the past one and a half years,” it said.

That’s the good global news although it should be tempered by IATA’s next sentence: ”Capacity grew 7.4 per cent.”

But before getting into that and what it means for yields our own Asia-Pacific region is leading the way. Carriers here recorded a rise in volumes of 20.8 per cent year-on-year, IATA reported but again there is a caveat added as capacity grew 12.7 per cent.

There’s that ‘C-word’ again and each time increasing. North American carriers grew 8.7 per cent but kept capacity growth to less than one per cent. Africa whose FTKs were up by 8.3 per cent and with only 3.8 per cent more new metal in the fleet.