Good news, bad news

More good news on the air cargo statistics front.

bad news Good news

More good news on the air cargo statistics front. Global air freight markets exhibited a third consecutive month of signifi cant demand growth in September as collective volumes rose 5.2 per cent year-on-year, according to IATA’s air freight market analysis. In particular the modest but encouraging comeback of Asia-Pacifi c and North American air freight markets appears to be signaling an accelerating air cargo demand.

Th e only downside is the 1.6 per cent year-on-year drop in European carriers’ air freight traffi c which represents a signifi cant 25.8 per cent of the overall market share. A number of key factors – from general uncertainty in the European economy, pilot strikes to the downward economic and trade pressure as a result of the ongoing Ukraine-Russia confl ict – all threaten to continue curtailing cargo growth going forward.

Overall the air cargo market recovery is probably a healthier version than what the industry experienced in 2010 when the market pretty much burst lose like a bull at rodeo. Slower more measured growth allows the industry to approach it with a more measured, circumspect approach. But while most of the industry – save quite a number of European carriers – are quietly, cautiously lauding the evolving market recovery, it is still quite unclear where exactly the market is going.