Dnata gets room to grow at last

With the opening of a new cargo terminal, Dnata will finally get some much needed room to breathe at Dubai. Peter Conway explores the implications, and the handler¡¯s plans for the new airport at Jebel Ali.

With the opening of a new cargo terminal,Dnata will finally get some much needed roomto breathe at Dubai. Peter Conway explores theimplications, and the handler’s plans for thenew airport at Jebel Ali.

There will be an almost audible sighof relief at Dubai handlers Dnata atthe end of February, as its new cargoterminal – formerly known as phasethree of the Freezone Logistics Centre,now dubbed FreightGate 5 – finallycomes on line.

The new facility will in effect be a secondDubai Cargo Village, relieving themassive pressure that has been placedon that facility in the past decade or so,as its 350,000 tonne design capacity wasexceeded, and then exceeded again.

Jean-Pierre de Pauw, Dnata’s seniorvice president cargo, reckons that whenFreightGate 5 opens, both it and thecurrent Dubai Cargo Village facilitywill be 70-75 percent full. That shouldgive the airport enough cargo terminalcapacity for foreign airlines until atleast 2010, after which he says furthergrowth will almost certainly be accommodatedat the Dubai World Central,aka the new airport at Jebel Ali.

Like the current cargo village, FreightGate 5 has a theoretical designcapacity of 350,000 tonnes, and isquite unlike the previous two phasesof the Freezone Logistics Centre – nowknown as FreightGate 3 and 4 (Dnatahas rebranded all its terminals asFreightGates to harmonise the formerconfusing range of names).

  • JeanPierre DePauw

    Wow, I stumbled across this article (today 29 November 2016) and read with interest what I had stated back then (February 2007). Looks like most of it has come true, except that FreightGate 1 was taken away too, which only added to the challenges faced… Only the Calogi portal, while a big success in Dubai, seems to have disappointed when it comes to its international expansion ambitions while also the regional RFS still has to find a solution it seems to all the border red tape between GCC countries. Those were challenging years, we had no time to get bored. Happily retired now and enjoying a new career far from Air Cargo. JD DePauw (ex Sr VP Cargo Dnata) now at http://www.maylaka.com