Crane Worldwide Logistics drives industry focus and synergies to achieve further growth

In their aerospace vertical, Crane Worldwide Logistics has designed and implemented complex solutions across diverse areas.

Crane Worldwide Logistics Nancy Matthews Tim Zubradt Vice President Aerospace and Life Sciences

Established in 2008, Crane Worldwide Logistics has succeeded to build a global organization located in 25 countries and 112 locations across the globe. The organization has achieved outstanding growth, to move forward and bring additional solutions to its client’s complex supply chain issues, the organization is now focusing on synergies across its vertical structure.


Nancy Matthews has recently been appointed Vice President Aerospace and Life Sciences, ‘With our vertical structure, we have the ability to focus on the individual requirements of our clients and provide bespoke solutions using our industry expertise. We have a number of verticals within the organization, including but not limited to Energy, Automotive, Aerospace, Retail, Government, Life Sciences and Global Specialized services.’ Matthews noted.



In the aerospace vertical, Crane Worldwide Logistics has designed and implemented complex solutions across diverse areas, including MRO & AOG, commercial and military aircraft manufacturing supply chain solutions, as well as space flight and catering.


In the Life Sciences division, the company has created customized solutions supporting manufacturing supply chains in addition to time specific global transport of live tissue and contract logistics solutions. Extending services to critical pharmaceutical shipments including chain of custody & white glove deliveries and critical temperature control requirements as well as emergency lifesaving hand carry services.


‘We do see many synergies between the two verticals.’ continues Matthews.  ‘Both the aerospace and the life sciences sectors produce state of the art technological devices such as enhanced robotic machinery, advanced instrumentation and innovative devices, all of which have similar supply chain challenges. Our support and expertise in time critical shipments proved extremely valuable in providing humanitarian relief shipments of temperature controlled pharmaceutical products as well as to supply support of emergency aircraft components and equipment for evacuation for example.  I feel that even though we are addressing two very different industry sectors, what is critical here is the team’s diverse logistics experience and how it is applied to produce an innovative solution resolving our client’s challenges’.


‘We are very fortunate to have Nancy Matthews driving the aerospace and life sciences verticals at Crane Worldwide Logistics. With her significant knowledge of both the aerospace and life sciences sectors and  over 30 years experience in supply chain, I am confident that her experience and that of her team will translate into unique tailor-made solutions for our clients.’ comments Tim Zubradt, Chief Sales Officer.