Coolport building Asian cold-chain network

Singapopre’s Coolport grew last year and expects to grow again this year thanks to growing global traffic of perishables and pharmaceuticals – although not to the point it plans any expansion. Well not yet anyway. Michael Mackey reports.

Coolport building Asian cold-chain network

SATS Coolport handled more than 241,000 tonnes of perishable shipments in 2014, Ronald Yeo, senior VP, cargo services, SATS told Payload Asia. “Compared to a year ago, its throughput grew about 4.2 per cent in 2014,” Yeo said.

And there is more to come. According to a presentation by World ACD at the World Cargo Symposium 2015, the outlook for airfreight perishable tonnage remains positive. Those figures are small though, yes small, when compared to what is happening in pharma.

“SATS Coolport handled about 20,000 tonnes of pharmaceuticals in 2014, a growth of nearly 30.4 per cent year-on-year,” Yeo said. The future though might not hold in store such rates again and tellingly Yeo made no forecasts for this and coming years but did express optimism.

“We note that pharmaceutical companies are becoming most costconscious, but we believe there will also be continued growth as ‘pharmerging’ markets, such as India, exhibit good growth potential and SATS Coolport is in a good geographical position to capitalise on this,” he added.

It also benefits from its location in other ways, primarily its Changi base. Coolport is a facility which defines its biggest market as the far away South West Pacific and the even further away Europe.