Cargo thrives with Hawaiian’s aloha spirit

Hawaiian Airlines Cargo must be the envy of the entire air cargo sector industry and not just because of the lush location of their home base. The airline may be far smaller than the giants based on the mainland, but a combination of location, strategy and ohano (commitment) has seen jaw-dropping growth at the cargo division of Honalulubased Hawaiian Airlines, outpacing that of the passenger division – a nearly unheard of feat in the air cargo industry in recent years. Michael Mackey has the story.

Cargo thrives with Hawaiian’s aloha spirit

“We have had a good run over the past three years with growth,” Tim Strauss, vice president, Cargo told Payload Asia in an email interview, before reeling off the kind of statistics that would have the rest of the sector either stunned or drooling.

In 2012 cargo grew 26.3 per cent, 2013 it increased by fractionally over a third at 33.7 per cent but last year was more modest at a fifth or 22.1 per cent. That, Strauss points out, is untill the end of the third quarter. He declined to discuss a full year figure saying only that it will be “close in the range of the numbers posted above.”

Two other statistics throw light on its operations. “We fly at just over a 53 per cent load factor.  We don’t measure by CTKs. We move about 155 million pounds or 70,000 tonnes.”  This year is already shaping up to be a good one, he notes.

“For 2015 we are forecasting double digit growth in tonnage without network growth. Having just taken a significant reduction in fuel surcharges it will be difficult to grow revenue at the same pace but still anticipate a very good year,” he added.