ATC growing by leaps and bounds

Ingo Zimmer CEO of ATC Aviation is a remarkably confident man given the generally weak state of the air cargo markets. “Recently I am very much positive and I am not feeling threatened by market conditions,” he said in a phone interview with Payload Asia. Michael Mackey has the story.

ATC growing by leaps and bounds

Part of the reason for this is the expansion, by leaps and bounds, that ATC is going through. Another component is the number of carriers the company works for – 65 at the last count.

This is a lovely mixed group going from A to Z and seemingly most places in between. This ranges from ANA to Air Zimbabwe via Ethiopian and Royal Air Maroc to name less than a handful. Complicating this mix is niche contracting. “We don’t represent each airline in each destination” Zimmer said.

Another explanation is the business it is doing. This is a GSA firm and as he points out, one of the biggest capacity providers in Germany at 7,000 tonnes per month and very strong in Switzerland. It is also one that seemingly unbothered by what Zimmer describes as the slightly shrinking German market. This he puts down to a number of public holidays in May.

The rest of the picture is rosy although as he says “different from country to country.” ATC is doing extremely well in the US and well in Spain – an unexpected comment given the seriousness of the Euro crisis in that country, with Zimmer attributing it to textiles in the Zaragoza area.