Air Logistics Group

GSA/GSSA of the Year (Industry Choice & Customer Choice)

GSA/GSSA of the Year (Industry Choice & Customer Choice)

What is the significance of this award to your company?

“For us internally it is confirmation that we are on the right track being able to add value to our partners and customers.

Externally, it continues to support the professionalisation of the GSA business in our part of the world where the industry is evolving from family owned companies to corporations that have a strategic view of this business in the overall value chain.”

What do you see as the key factors contributing to your win?

“We have made significant investment in our expansion to provide our airline partners with a ‘competitive edge’ in our increasingly competitive industry. As a global brand we are able to attract and retain talent from the airline industry, which is an important factor for our partners and customers. I’d like to think that we are starting to impact all aspects of the value chain and therefore the judges and customers recognise this.”

How does the award amplify your unique value proposition?

“Typically the industry and media tend to focus primarily on airlines and freight forwarders. For the airlines who don’t yet use our services, this award does serve to create awareness about what we have contributed to our partners and compare our value proposition with their own GSAs.