AA Cargo focuses on a quality-imbued future

Monday 20 October was quite simply, “a historic day” for American Airlines Cargo – historic as American Airlines Cargo president Jim Butler observed, not simply because American Airlines and US Airways reached a major milestone in their merger as the two cargo divisions combine under a single air waybill as one combined network, but also because it occurred in less than a year after the union of the two carriers. By Manfred Singh.

AA Cargo focuses on a quality-imbued future

The Cargo teams have successfully combined 154 facilities and harmonised products since December 2013, making it the first operations division at the airline to be fully integrated. And that new entity brings in more than US$800 million each year and moves more than 454,000 tonnes of freight and mail annually.

“Today is the culmination of a lot of hard work by our Cargo employees,” said Butler. “We have brought together the expertise and solutions that customers have come to rely on and the teams that are focused on restoring American Airlines as the greatest airline in the world. As of today, all booking channels are open and cargo customers have access to flights across the combined network of the world’s largest airline.”

Speaking to Payload Asia, Butler said, that the next part of his plan after the successful merger, was “to expand our network and overall offering, strategically invest in our facilities and position American Airlines Cargo as a leader in innovative solutions and customer service”. “Ultimately our goal is to deliver a world class experience with each and every shipment.”

With total faith and dependence on AA Cargo’s customers, the cargo boss said that customers could expect that “we will continue to develop our product and service offerings through technology and investments in our resources”.