QEP Accreditation for Turkish Cargo

Turkish Cargo keeps receiving QEP Accreditation, adding two more destinations - in Berlin, Germany and Atlanta, United States of America

QEP Accreditation Turkish Cargo

An ever-growing cargo carrying capacity, new destinations and an growing fleet, have contributed to Turkish Cargo’s success. As one of the fastest developing air cargo carriers, Turkish Cargo continues to improve its service and quality to customers in 120 countries of the world.


During the last few weeks of October, the award winning carrier, chosen the best air cargo carrier of the year in Asia, Turkish Cargo received its QEP Accreditation from Envirotainer for two stations – namely Berlin and Atlanta;  as an indication of the quality of its pharmaceutical transportation services.


Turkish Cargo, which will deliver medical products that require cold chain transportation to the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies in eight QEP accredited stations (Bombay, Frankfurt, Hyderabad, Seoul, Istanbul, Tel Aviv, Bruxelles, Atlanta), as well as also be able to increase its current business potential and service to its customers, giving them a higher quality.


Thanks to its special products, the carrier has created for the cargo that contains various pharmaceutical and healthcare products, Turkish Cargo has been able to widen its services to over 300 points covered by its international network. Turkish Cargo has been using the Envirotainer containers since 2015 and bringing its shipment quality and products, alongside some of the biggest pharmaceutical companies, to the world.