Huawei partners Dubai Airports to build smart airport

The new data centre, designed to have 100 service cabinets, further expands airport services and consolidate services of legacy data centres.

Dubai Airports Huawei


The new data centre was designed to have 100 service cabinets, with up to 10 kW/rack in a single cabinet. To ensure high reliability, Dubai Airports expected to build the world’s first Modular Data Centre Complex (MDCC) within a year that will be certified by the Uptime Institute to Tier III for design and construction. The 10 kW/rack power density requirement, plus the extremely high temperatures in Dubai, posed a greater challenge to heat dissipation; however, an appropriate building to house such a large MDCC wasn’t readily available. After thoroughly considering quick deployment, easy capacity expansion, energy conservation, and other important features, Dubai Airports chose Huawei’s prefabricated modular data centre solution.


Prefabricated Modular Data Centre


Huawei’s FusionModule1000B prefabricated modular data centre solution was adopted to build the new data centre for Dubai Airports. The solution consists of 23 container-sized prefabricated modules, equipped with in-row precision air conditioners and highly efficient modular UPS products. The total power is up to 1 MW. To obtain full Tier III certificates from the Uptime Institute for both design and construction, the data centre must ensure an availability of 99.98% and an annual downtime within 1.6 hours. The project was estimated to be completed in 10 months, meeting Dubai Airports’ requirement for quick delivery and addressing the problem of lack of space for building a traditional data centre. The modular data centre solution saves nearly a half of the time and construction costs it takes to erect a traditional facility.