TIACA expands global reach with board members from Africa and Asia

Two new board members, representing the ground handling and cargo carrier sectors, have been appointed to the TIACA Board of Directors.

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“TIACA represents the air cargo supply chain globally, and Ramesh and Sanjeev will help to expand the links with the regions which are fast developing and are very important for the air cargo industry – Asia and Africa,” said Vladimir Zubkov, Secretary General, TIACA.



“My appointment will enable AFRAA members and especially the Cargo Task Force, to embrace the opportunities that TIACA will bring aboard in areas such as networking, education and training, industry relations, and participation in TIACA cargo events as a group. For TIACA, my appointment will enable the organization to reach out to the air cargo fraternity in Africa and also to assist AFRAA in its lobbying efforts to a global level,” said Gadhia.


“The Indian air cargo market is experiencing one of the fastest growth rates in the world with significant potential, expected to double from the current rate in near future,” said Mamidala. “I am so honored and feel privileged to serve on the TIACA Board, which I believe will give me an opportunity to integrate the Indian air freight industry with the global market through TIACA. TIACA will be able to reach out to the industry players in India, which I am confident will lead to several of them joining the organization.”