Pharma.Aero welcomes three new members

Air Cargo stakeholders Expeditors and Envirotainer; and Montevideo Free Airport are the latest companies to join Pharma.Aero

Envirotainer Expeditors Montevideo Free Airport Nathan De Valck


“MVD Free Airport is confident that joining Pharma.Aero will provide a solid platform for a better understanding of key tendencies and issues present throughout the pharmaceutical supply chain. It hopes to provide the network with strategic insights on the challenges faced throughout emerging markets and the best practices and lessons learnt that will enable the industry itself to raise the bar in terms of quality distribution standards.”, says Bruno Guella, Managing Director at MVD Free Airport.


Anna Levander, CSO at Envirotainer explains:”At Envirotainer we feel very strongly that bringing the industry together to collectively further best practices based on real experience is the way forward to secure the integrity of Pharmaceutical products.”