SATS receives Approval for Transshipment services between New-Zealand and EU

SATS Coolport partners IE Singapore and AVA receive EU approval to provide meat transshipment services between New Zealand and the EU

Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority International Enterprise Singapore SATS

SATS Ltd. (SATS), announced it is the world’s first ground handler to receive European Union (EU) approval as an authorised establishment for the provision of meat transshipment services between New Zealand and the EU.


Meat shipments from New Zealand destined for EU markets can now transit through Singapore via SATS Coolport – Asia’s first on-airport perishable handling centre. SATS Coolport’s approval from the EU as an authorised establishment was strongly supported by International Enterprise (IE) Singapore and the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA). Both agencies facilitated the process to engage authorities in the EU and New Zealand to approve Singapore as a transshipment country and SATS Coolport as the authorised handling centre.


This breakthrough illustrates how SATS’ expertise and high standards in perishable handling can enable new trade flows. Being an authorised establishment, SATS is now able to break down and reconsolidate meat shipments from New Zealand for redistribution to the EU markets, all within SATS Coolport’s temperature-controlled premises. SATS is also able to present customers with cost-effective multimodal freight solutions that give them a competitive advantage by expediting the sale of perishable products into the European market. SATS successfully handled the first air-sea transhipment of lamb products from New Zealand to the United Kingdom (UK) in January this year.


“The transshipment of chilled lamb products from New Zealand to Europe is a good example of how multimodal transshipment can help grow trade,” says Alex Hungate, President and Chief Executive Officer, SATS. “Multimodal transportation enables exporters to transport products with greater speed and economy to Europe. SATS Coolport helps change the dynamics of exports for countries like New Zealand. This partnership with IE Singapore has been integral in expanding our market by creating benefits for both importers and exporters,” added Mr Hungate.


Agricultural products constituted New Zealand’s largest export to the EU in 20161. Of this, meat, mostly lamb, formed the largest agricultural export by value (NZ$1.5 billion) followed by fruit and wine.


“We are happy to partner SATS and AVA to create this multimodal transhipment perishables flow. The new flow reaffirms Singapore’s excellent connectivity, reliable supply chain capabilities and high quality food handling standards. It further strengthens Singapore as an innovative leader in wholesale trade and supply chain solutions, creating a network effect to benefit Singapore companies in transport and logistics, food trading and financial services. IE Singapore strongly encourages our companies to leverage on this new connectivity to develop innovative business models to capture growth opportunities,” Said Law Chung Ming, Group Director for Transport and Logistics, IE Singapore


SATS will continue to work with IE Singapore to promote and encourage Singapore companies in logistics, food trading and financing to leverage this trade flow to explore new business growth.