FedEx may place $13 billion aircraft order

The order could include as many as 50 B767-300Fs and another 10 B777-200Fs.

767-300 777-200 Boeing express FedEx freighter order

FedEx may be on the verge of a US$10 billion order for 50 or more B767-300Fs and up to 10 B777Fs worth another $3.2 billion at list prices, according to a report in Leeham News and Comment citing “Market Intelligence”.

The US-based integrator currently operates a fleet of approximately 374 widebody aircraft including 94 A300/310s, 112 B757-200s, 121 ageing MD-10/11s, 22 B767-300s with another 31 on order and 25 B777-200Fs with another 18 on order.

A decision on the massive order is expected later this month when FedEx’s board of directors meets in Seattle.