Armed and no cross check!

Recently a news item crossed our path and piqued our curiosity. It seems a little blunder by cleaning staff triggered an emergency slide of a Cathay Pacific B777 to inflate, delaying 277 travellers bound for Chicago recently.

So after all this we sat down and cracked our heads to decide just what Belly Ache spin we were going to apply and then it occurred to us that it has been ages since we did a Top 10, in fact we reckon its been 2-3 years since we played that game! So without further ado…

Top 10 Slide Excuses

10. “How else was I supposed to get off the plane?”

9. “Hey, I just wanted to make sure these things actually work before I fly next time.”

8. [insert ‘Wheeeee!’ sound here] “Oh come on what’s wrong with a little fun, my inner child just needed a slide!”

7. “Ayah, always cooped up cleaning inside this metal tube, how about we open the door for some fresh air?

6. “Procedures, procedures… you want me to clean the darn plane or read the manual all day?”

5. “Armed and cross check! In the unlikely event of an emergency exits are located left and right… Sorry I’ve always wanted to be a flight attendant.”

4. [cue Brittany Spears music] Opps I did it again! 

3. Ah-shum, cheong hao hou wu chou, fai d mat cho koi … Translation from Cantonese (one cleaning auntie speaking to another): “Hey Ah-shum, outside of the window very dirty, going to clean it…”