WAG thriving on the strength of cooperation

The World Alliance GSA, or WAG Group, has by its own admission taken a radically different approach towards growing the GSA business both regionally and globally – cooperation. Michael Mackey reports.

WAG is more than just a group, it is according to its published material Asia’s largest GSA alliance network. “The objective is to unlock the value from the alliances. This WAG will achieve through cooperation,” WAG’s executive director Roland Quah told Payload Asia.

Not that this is feel-good rhetoric. WAG pitches itself on the strengths of its partners.

“The Alliance benefits airlines because each alliance member has strength in different geographical markets and airlines will have access to a wider international market,” WAG’s Quah said. There is though a twist to this.

One which can make WAG hard to understand. Then again maybe we are too direct. WAG admits to being linked to the Sri Lankan conglomerate Expolanka adding it is by affiliation only. Expolanka it points out has its own GSA outfit. Air Cargo Resources.

WAG thriving on the strength of cooperation “We work on the basis of cross representation and network support,” said Quah. “You may say World Alliance GSA concept is non-partisan. Everyone has the right to work with anyone they can leverage with, either through WAG or directly,” he added One reason for the emphasis on alliances is the history of the group.

The public bits of this are short as the company was only incorporated in Singapore in 2013 and emerged out of the ending of Tiger Group/ECS relationship as various regional bits of Tiger were sold off. That meant though there was a pool of people with the know-how who could work together and across boundaries and help other companies move their cargo.