Globe Express Services appoints new CEO

Mustapha Kawam takes the helm of Globe Express Services after working for the company for 20 years.

cargo freight forwarder Globe Express Services Mustapha Kawam Safi Kalo

Globe Express Services has appointed Mustapha Kawam as president and CEO of Globe Express Services. Kawam joined Globe Express Services in 1995 and has held a wide range of leadership positions in the company. Since 2009, he has served as managing director – Gulf States at Globe Express Services.

Kawam takes the helm of Globe Express Services after working for the company for 20 years. Following his appointment, he has set his top three immediate agendas aimed at maximizing industry opportunities and sustaining GES’ global success. The top most priority is to raise employee engagement as according to him, without a talented, engaged and properly motivated workforce, achieving progress against any of the challenges is impossible. He also believes, promoting a culture of integrity and trustworthiness throughout the organisation is one fundamental imperative.

Under his leadership, he will also continue the company’s relentless efforts to achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction and service. Additionally, Kawam will lead in steadily building and expanding GES’ business to create new opportunities and establish a positive work environment for all employees.

Commenting on this, Kawam said: “I wish to express my gratitude to the board of directors and Globe Express Services family for entrusting me with this tremendously challenging and exciting opportunity assuring that I will take the responsibilities of being the president and CEO of Globe Express Services very seriously. It’s been a privilege to work for the Group for over 20 years and I am confident that we can together achieve success and take the company to the next level.”