FIATA weighs in on logistics at IAEG-SDG meeting

Development in logistics can be seen as a major connector of global initiatives helping to standardise the measurement of improvements in country’s trade performance and facilitation, says FIATA.

FIATA IAEG-SDGs logistics SDG Sustainable Development Goal Indicators

New York was the focal point for the first meeting held by the Inter-Agency and Expert Group on the Sustainable Development Goal Indicators (IAEG-SDGs). Member States engaged in deep talks to find solutions for linking global indicators to a set of national indicators while maintaining the global nature of the SDGs.

FIATA was there to weigh in on the concept of logistics connectivity. FIATA had previously discussed the significance of logistics connectivity in the indicator framework discussion to the Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN). This time around, the IAEG-SDGs would take a more statistical approach developing a practical indicator framework, to give the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) a fighting chance of being realised come post 2015.

In order to improve those chances, the SDGs and the indicator framework must look at the importance of logistics connectivity, says FIATA. If appropriately outlined, this concept has the capability to stretch itself across a range of SDGs and the capacity to be the ultimate ‘bridge’ of success giving SDG implementation the extra kick.

FIATA has helped summarise the impact of logistics connectivity in five key statements:

Prosperity comes from working hard and trading effectively. Many are ready to work hard, but trading effectively depends on fair conditions surrounding them. We must work together to create these fair conditions.