ECS rides high on ‘innovation’ focus

The Paris-headquartered GSSA is clearly in expansion mode and as Adrien Thominet, COO of the ECS Group notes: “The whole world is our territory. That is our baseline and we work hard on it in order to offer the best and wide services to our customers.” Manfred Singh reports.

Thominet tries to keep in good shape – physically – and with him the GSSA that he heads also believes in keeping fit and fine.

With chairman Bertrand Schmoll in command, ECS has set its sights on its turnover to reach US$1.1 billion in 2015: A whopping increase of around $230 million (2014 sales: $928 million).

Among its clients are Brussels Airlines Cargo, ANA Cargo, China Southern Cargo, Turkish Airlines Cargo and quite a few others.

For the group then, the main business drivers will be focus on acquiring airline customers from developing markets. “We are now targeting East Asia and India which are expanding and are growing markets due to globalisation of trade and development of e-commerce,” said the COO.

“Thanks to the opening of borders and thanks to globalisation, we can reach out to all countries from ASEAN and also access the fast-growing niche markets such as the Asian-Indian region where activities and trade is on a very positive upswing”. Along with East Asia and India, incidentally, ECS has Latin America in its sights.

Last year, for example, saw the group securing AirAsia India’s business along with that of Philippines Airlines (US West Coast sales) and Royal Air Maroc (France, UK, Belgium). These were in addition to the group’s existing 29 mandated carriers along with the partnership with DHL Aviation and Qatar Cargo.