Airfreight yields continue to drop

Figures from WorldACD show April airfreight yields measured in USD have dropped by 11 per cent compared with the start of the year.

airfreight April 2015 Asia Pacific forwarder GSA WorldACD

Looking at distribution, WorldACD finds a rather stable picture. Of the world’s top-20 forwarders in the first four months of 2014, 19 still claimed that position in 2015. As a group, they lost some ground as they saw their combined share of worldwide revenues diminish from 45.1 per cent tot 44.4 per cent YoY: the elite group’s yield suffered slightly more (-12 per cent) than the worldwide yield of the smaller forwarders (-10 per cent). Only six of the top-20 forwarders realised a revenue increase. Not surprisingly, three of these are based in Japan, the best performing of the larger countries in terms of YoY-revenue increase.

General sales agents (GSAs) as a group further strengthened their position in air cargo: more than 20 per cent of worldwide revenues were generated through sales under GSA-agreements. GSA’s showed a higher than average volume growth coupled with less yield loss. In volume growth, GSA-generated sales outperformed other sales in all areas except Africa and Latin America, with the best relative performance seen in Asia-Pacific, followed by North America and Middle East & South Asia. The top GSAs in Europe and North America improved by a higher percentage than their competitors.