SP Express, APC announce new partnership

The partnership allows SP Express to offer ecommerce and other merchants cost-effective outbound direct-to-consumer parcel shipping.

APC Postal Logistics Mich Bayley Scott Guilmette SP Express Thomas Finnen USPS

SP Express has announced a new partnership with APC Postal Logistics, allowing the former to offer merchants cost-effective outbound direct-to-consumer parcel shipping options for reaching over 230 international markets around the world. Many consumers in these countries purchase US goods online and merchants are seeking competitive delivery options for reaching them.

“With APC, we’re able to provide clients with substantially reduced international parcel shipping rates with equivalent or better service levels compared to shipping via US Postal Service (USPS),” says Scott Guilmette, executive vice president at SP Express. As a result of the partnership, SP Express clients can expect to begin saving up to 6 per cent on international shipping to Canada, Australia, the UK, and Western Europe, as early as April 2015. For many clients, cost reduction potential can be measured in thousands of dollars a month.

According to Mich Bayley, CEO of SP Express, the partnership is a good fit as SP Express aggressively expands its business. “We have a number of rapidly growing ecommerce clients seeking to reach more of these consumers everyday,” he says. “APC provides the parcel shipping solution that enables us to reach these consumers, thereby opening up new and untapped markets for our clients.”