BIFA: Freight must not be forgotten

UK's association for freight forwarders calls for the new parliament to support the role of international trade facilitation.

BIFA British International Freight Association Robert Keen UK Westminster

With uncertainty surrounding the outcome of the forthcoming UK General Election, the voice of the country’s freight forwarders is urging the eventual occupant of Number 10 not to overlook the vital role of international trade facilitation to the UK economy.

British International Freight Association (BIFA) director general, Robert Keen says: “Whatever the eventual shape or form of the new government, joined-up thinking is still needed on the many issues facing those involved in facilitating UK import and export traffic.

“The new government must address those issues that impact on the global supply chain, such as security, Customs, EU legislation and international trade treaties. Whilst it must meet important objectives in a co-ordinated and balanced manner, it should be done without creating barriers to trade.

“There must be greater focus on the value of freight transport and logistics in Westminster and government must help our members to develop more effective ways to manage international supply chains.

“The new government has some very important freight transport and international trading issues to consider.

“The state of the UK road infrastructure must be at the forefront of government thinking. Congestion needs to be planned out of all modes of UK transport.

“UK ports and harbours require strong support and strategic thinking.