Thermotraffic expands to Frankfurt

International freight forwarding group Thermotraffic is opening a branch at Frankfurt Airport next month, adding to its other European branches.

Falko Thomas Frankfurt freight forwarder Perishable Center Fraport Thermotraffic

Thermotraffic, a logistics company for temperature-controlled transports, expands its airfreight-related transport activities by opening a branch office at the Perishable Center Fraport at Frankfurt airport in April. Their future offer includes the organisation and handling of all transport and warehousing services for perishable goods which are being transported by air.

Falko Thomas, managing director of Thermotraffic, said “There is currently an increased demand for airfreight-related transports. Especially in pharmaceutical logistics, the quick transportation of temperature-controlled goods by plane is gaining importance. We would like to profit from this market development.”

By being presented at Frankfurt airport and expanding its air-freight related services, Thermotraffic aims to close the gap between overland transports and air freight. In the future, total logistics solutions in all combinations can thus be offered by Thermotraffic. An IATA agent on site is going to support Thermotraffic’s work at their local branch office.