Germanwings A320 crashes with 150 feared dead

An A320 belonging to Lufthansa's Germanwings budget carrier has crashed in a remote snowy area of the French Alps on Tuesday.

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An A320 belonging to Lufthansa’s Germanwings budget carrier has crashed in a remote snowy area of the French Alps on Tuesday with all 150 on board feared dead. Germanwings confirmed its flight 4U9525 from Barcelona to Duesseldorf crashed in the French Alps with 144 passengers and six crew members on board.
Officials said the plane issued a distress call at 0947 GMT (0547 ET), about 52 minutes after take-off. The airline has said the aircraft began decending about one minute after reaching its cruising altitude of 35,000 feet and and continued losing altitude for eight minutes before crashing at an altitude of about 6.000 feet.
However, safety experts warned against reading too much into the early data, especially over remote areas, saying the black boxes holding the probable answers to the crash were expected to be retrieved quickly. The accident happened in an alpine region known for skiing, hiking and rafting, but makes for difficult terrane for rescue services to reach. As helicopters and emergency vehicles assembled, the weather was reported to be closing in.
Lufthansa chief executive Carsten Spohr, who planned to go to the crash site, spoke of a “dark day” for the airline. “We do not yet know what has happened to flight 4U9525. My deepest sympathy goes to the families and friends of our passengers and crew,” Lufthansa said on Twitter, citing Spohr. “If our fears are confirmed, this is a dark day for Lufthansa. We hope to find survivors,” it said.