CEB transports donations on new A330 delivery

Airbus Foundation and Aviation Sans Frontières send clothing and medical supplies to Philippines on Cebu Pacific’s newest A330 aircraft

A330 Airbus Corporate Foundation Alex Reyes Aviation Sans Frontières Cebu Pacific Fabrice Brégier

Cebu Pacific (CEB), in cooperation with the Airbus Corporate Foundation and Aviation Sans Frontières, transported 2.4 tonnes of donations including clothing and medical supplies, on-board its newest A330 aircraft. The aircraft took off from Toulouse, France on Tuesday 10th March and landed in Manila on Wednesday 11thMarch.

The donations loaded in CEB’s new A330 include new clothes and shoes for children and babies, teddy bears, pens, and schoolbooks, as well as blankets and small medical supplies. These will be forwarded to communities affected by severe flooding and typhoons in the Philippines. The donations were collected by Aviation sans Frontières and destined for World Vision, an international non-governmental organisation and its Development Foundation.

Aviation sans Frontières has been a regular partner of the Airbus Foundation since 2008 for flights from Toulouse. This non-governmental organisation supports Airbus humanitarian ferry flights from France to countries in need or which have been affected by natural disasters.

“We are honoured to be working with the Airbus Foundation and Aviation sans Frontières on our second humanitarian delivery flight. Our acceptance of Cebu Air’s sixth Airbus A330 is made more meaningful as we transport much needed relief goods to the Philippines,” said Alex Reyes, general manager, Cebu Air Long Haul Division.