Cargolux starts direct Bahrain flights

Cargolux made its first landing at Bahrain International Airport.

Bahrain Bahrain Airport Company Cargolux Dirk Reich Robert Mills Sharon Vaz Arab

Bahrain Airport Company (BAC), the managing body and operator of Bahrain International Airport (BIA), recently welcomed Cargolux Airlines into the Kingdom of Bahrain. Marking its first landing at Bahrain International Airport on 5th March 2015, this new entrant marks BIA’s 15th cargo airline and signifies a remarkable new addition to the airport’s expanding portfolio.

In celebration of this milestone event, an inauguration ceremony was held at BIA on the day in attendance of officials from Bahrain Airport Company, Bahrain International Airport, and Cargolux Airlines. Cargolux will be serving the Kingdom of Bahrain by transporting spare parts, machinery, perishables, food and consumer goods that includes textiles form the US and the European markets.

Commenting on this inaugural flight, Robert Mills, manager of cargo at Bahrain Airport Company, stated “Cargolux’s entry into Bahrain International Airport marks a significant milestone in our quest to solidify BIA’s position as a competitive cargo hub, boost our global connectivity and enhance our product offering. Cargolux is a significant addition to our expanding airline portfolio which we will continue to grow in line with the future aviation trends and demands.”

Cargolux’s regional manager for the Middle East, Sharon Vaz Arab, further commented, “The addition of Bahrain to our global network opens up significant opportunities resulting from the Kingdom’s thriving economy. Cargolux is growing from strength to strength under the dynamic and visionary leadership of our CEO, Dirk Reich and his team, fast-tracking our expansion into new markets through strategic partnerships and co-operations. Reich brings with him a wealth of proven aviation and logistics industry track record”.