Boeing, Ethiopian partner on humanitarian flight

More than 1,814kg of medical supplies and equipment for charities and hospitals in Ethiopia and Somalia were carried onboard Ethiopian’s newest B787 Dreamliner.

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Boeing, Ethiopian Airlines and three separate non-profit organisations have delivered more than 1,814kg of medical supplies and equipment for charities and hospitals in Ethiopia and Somalia. The deliveries, carried on the ferry flight of Ethiopian’s newest B787 Dreamliner, were made to a number of medical institutions via Vital Voices Global Partnership, Horn of Africa Neonatal Development Services (HANDS) and Seattle Alliance Outreach (SAO). 

“Ethiopian Airlines continues to be a leader in corporate social responsibility activities in Ethiopia. With this delivery flight, we are also very happy to facilitate the supply of much needed medical supplies in neighboring Somalia as well,” said Ethiopian Airlines CEO Tewolde GebreMariam. “As the flag carrier for the country of Ethiopia, we are viewed as not only an airline but also as a source of vital service for the people of Ethiopia. We are proud and honored to work with Boeing to help our people and country where we have such great needs.”

The shipment includes an autoclave to sterilise surgergical equipment which will be used by a new kidney dialysis center in Ethiopia, as well as neonatal medical equipment for Jimma University,College of Public Health & Health Sciences which is dedicated to saving infant lives. Vital Voices Global Partnership will send medications, computers and medical equipment valued at approximately $68,000 onwards from Addis Ababa to the Dr. Hawa Abdi Foundation in Somalia, a charity that provides basic needs through the access to healthcare.

“The Vital Voices Northwest Council has been thrilled by Seattle’s enthusiasm and generous donations to this important cause,” said Rosita Van Coevorden, chair of the Vital Voices Northwest Council. “We are delighted to be donating state-of-the-art medical supplies such as hospital-grade defibrillators that will provide sorely needed resources at the Hawa Abdi General Hospital.”

The Boeing Humanitarian Delivery Flights program is a collaboration effort between Boeing, airline customers and non-profit organizations to deliver humanitarian aid throughout the world to communities in need or crisis. Since Boeing’s Humanitarian Delivery Flight program began in 1992, the company has facilitated more than 170 humanitarian delivery flights, including 10 in 2014, working in partnership with more than 50 airlines worldwide.

Ethiopian Airlines is the first African operator of the B787, taking delivery of 10. Ethiopian Airlines currently operates an all-Boeing fleet of B737, B757, B767, B777 and B787 passenger aircraft and has B757, MD11, B777 and also had a B737-400F freighter which was recently written off in a crash in Accra.