Five airlines join IEnvA programme

Finnair, South African Airways, Icelandair, Qatar Airways and SriLankan Airlines have completed stages of the IATA Environmental Assessment programme.

Finnair IATA Icelandair IEnvA Qatar Airways South African Airways SriLankan Airlines Tony Tyler

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) announced that five airlines have completed stages of the IATA Environmental Assessment (IEnvA) programme. IEnvA is a voluntary, two-stage evaluation process designed to drive airline environmental performance improvements through independent assessment.

Finnair and South African Airways have completed the IEnvA Stage 2 assessment, the highest level of IEnvA achievement. This ensures that an airline has implemented all of the IEnvA Programme Standards, identified and mitigated its significant environmental impacts, and has set performance targets. Stage 2 also certifies that an airline has developed processes for monitoring and reviewing its performance against its environmental targets and objectives.

Icelandair, Qatar Airways and SriLankan Airlines have completed IEnvA Stage 1 which ensures an airline has established a foundation and framework for its environmental management system. Stage 1 also certifies an airline has identified and complied with its environmental legal requirements.

These five airlines join a growing number of carriers that have already completed IEnvA Stage 1 Assessments, namely Air Transat, Kenya Airways, LATAM, LATAM Cargo and Malaysia Airlines.

“In addition to safety, environmental responsibility is the highest priority for the industry. The new IATA Environmental Assessment sits alongside our industry-wide carbon-reduction targets as a programme for ensuring airlines not only meet, but also exceed their day-to-day operational environmental obligations and performance. Our congratulations to Icelandair, Qatar Airways, and SriLankan Airlines for completing Stage 1, and I would particularly like to commend Finnair and South African Airways for being the first to complete the Stage 2 assessment. These airlines are among the pioneers in this critical new programme. IATA’s audits and assessment schemes are impartial, independent evaluations designed to improve industry performance against global benchmarks. The IATA Operational Safety Audit has done much to help improve airline safety and we expect that the IEnvA will do the same for environmental standards,” said Tony Tyler, IATA’s director-general and CEO.