AirBridgeCargo implements paperless cockpit

Pilots to use digital navigation charts and briefing documents on iPads

ABC AirBridgeCargo iPad Lido/DocView Lido/Enroute Lido/iRouteManual Lufthansa

AirBridgeCargo (ABC) has commenced using Lufthansa Systems’ Lido/iRouteManual, Lido/Enroute and Lido/DocView IT solutions aimed at simplifying cockpit processes. The new IT solutions will ease the workload of ABC pilots by providing fast access to continually updated documents and data and reduce the airline’s operational costs at the same time. The new technology will be saving ABC a significant amount per year. The airline plans to fully switch to the electronic cockpit by February 2015. 

Lido/iRouteManual and the associated apps are optimised for use on the Apple iPad. The navigation solution includes general maps, takeoff and landing charts, instrument flight rules (IFR) charts and depictions of airport runways. The crews can download the required charts to their iPads and use them for flight preparation whenever they want, in the briefing room, in a hotel or at home. The charts are generated directly from the Lido navigation database and are always up to date. With Lido/Enroute, ABC pilots can display the route on interactive charts on their iPad as well. 

With the mobile Lido/DocView solution and web-based Lido/DVMS add-on, pilots have all the necessary documents and notifications from operations control at their fingertips. The user interface is accessed through an app and can be individually configured by the user.