Aviation to contribute $53.1B to Dubai’s economy

Latest Oxford Economics Report examines continued impact of aviation sector on Dubai’s economy and projects continued growth beyond 2020

Dubai Airport Dubai Civil Aviation Authority Emirates Oxford Economics Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saeed Al Maktoum

Emirates airline, Dubai Airports and the aviation sector as a whole contributed US$26.7 billion to the Dubai economy in 2013, which was almost 27 per cent of Dubai’s GDP and supported a total of 416,500 jobs accounting for 21 per cent of the emirates’ total employment. These figures were based on the latest report “Quantifying the Economic Impact of Aviation in Dubai” conducted by global research firm, Oxford Economics, as a follow-up to a 2011 study done by the same firm.

The objective of the report was to quantify the economic impact of the aviation sector and its subsequent Dubai-based supply chain. In addition, the report explains the benefits that aviation brought to Dubai’s economy in 2013 in terms of gross value added (GVA) and employment, and provides forecasts for the sector and its knock-on effects in 2020 and 2030.

The report re-affirms aviation’s growing significance as a major engine of economic development, and its far-reaching contributions to other industries as a catalyst for a spectrum of economic activity.

“Dubai’s success stems from a clear vision, careful planning, and collaborative execution. It is no accident that we are a global aviation hub today. It has taken us years to build up the critical competencies and infrastructure that we have today, and we now have a solid base on which to further develop. We will continue to take a consensus-based approach to infrastructure investment, embrace open competition, and focus on opening up and connecting markets through efficient operations.  At the end, we want Dubai to be the top choice for international travellers and traders – as a destination, and as a transport hub,” said HH Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saeed Al Maktoum, chairman and chief executive of Emirates Airline and Group, chairman of Dubai Airports and president of the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority.