Swiss WorldCargo launches new ebooking system

The new eBooking platform is based on Unisys Cargo Portal Services and is delivered via SaaS

Christopher Shawdon Swiss WorldCargo Unisys Cargo Portal Urs Stulz

Swiss WorldCargo has launched a new eBooking system based on Unisys Cargo Portal Services’ cargo portal services technology.

The eBooking platform is delivered via Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) hosted by Unisys. The development included advanced rules-based technology to help Swiss WorldCargo quickly modify offerings in response to market dynamics as changes are simply made to business process rules without the need to write software code.

The online booking channel is accessed via the website and is used by forwarders, agents and shippers to conveniently book most of Swiss WorldCargo’s offerings online at any time of day. This self-service approach provides customers with fast service, access across geographies and time zones, and the ability to check availability, create bookings, check booking status, and submit Master and House air waybill data. As the eBooking portal is linked to Swiss WorldCargo’s enterprise cargo system, online bookings access the same accuracy of information available via the call center.

“Our new eBooking portal, based on Unisys’ Cargo Portal Service, provides our customers with greater accessibility and flexibility,” said Urs Stulz, vice president, head of Central Services Group at Swiss WorldCargo.

Christopher Shawdon, vice president, Logistics Solutions for Unisys, said: “We are delighted that Swiss WorldCargo has joined the Unisys cargo community.”