UAE’s Maximus Air plans 2015 expansion

CEO Mohamed Ebrahim Al Qassimi has said Maximus Air is planning an expansion in 2015

A300 expansion Maximus Air Mohamed Ebrahim Al Qassimi UAE

Maximus Air’s CEO Mohamed Ebrahim Al Qassimi has said his cargo airline is planning an expansion in 2015, according to local media reports. 

 A year after temporarily halting its A300 fleet amid low demand, and undergoing restructuring, Al Qassimi said that “Maximus Air is on the rise again.”

“We are delighted about recent progress,” said Al Qassimi. “Our aircraft are receiving more bookings right across the fleet and we are firming up plans for expansion in 2015. Our core business remains the same but we are looking at exciting new growth opportunities.

“These opportunities include catering to increasing demand for VIP air cargo, and we are currently applying the finishing touches to a new freight forwarding business that will capitalise on the strong logistics industry in UAE. On top of this, we have received interest from key growth markets in Europe and Africa, and are looking at ways to expand our business in these regions,” he added.