Royal Jordanian Obtains RA3, ACC3 EU Certs

Royal Jordanian Airlines has secured 5-year RA3 and ACC3 EU certifications for air cargo and mail

ACC3 air carrier Amman certification EU Muath Majali RA3 Royal Jordanian

Royal Jordanian Airlines has secured 5-year RA3 and ACC3 EU certifications for its cargo operations from Amman to any EU country.

The security manual defines the standards and security measures implemented to meet regulatory requirements. The basic principle of these certifications is to ensure that all cargo or mail flying into the EU is screened or comes from a secure supply chain.

Starting July 1, 2014, air carriers that fly air cargo or mail into the EU from a non-EU airport are required to comply with the EU ACC3 programme for inbound cargo and mail. The certification – granted by EU-approved and trained validators – provides RJ a distinct advantage over similar air service providers, as the airline’s procedures are recognised as being compliant with the EU requirements.

An RA3 is a cargo handling entity located in a third country that is validated and approved as such on the basis of an EU aviation security validation. It is a supply chain security initiative of the European Union. The EU Commission developed this security legislation system for all carriers of cargo from special third country airports into the EU. These regulations are applicable to all air carriers operating with air cargo and mail. 

The aim of the EU Commission requirement is to ensure that certain standards of security are met prior to the loading of cargo on aircraft bound for EU. Therefore, air carriers that intend to carry cargo or mail from certain countries need to be designated as “Air Cargo or Mail Carrier operating into the Union from a Third Country Airport” (ACC3), ensuring that all cargo and mail is physically screened.