TSA plans further rate hike

GRI recommended by TSA from Aug 1.

Drewry TSA

According to a press statement, TSA is recommending a GRI from August 1 and will determine and announce the guideline amount in mid-July. 

The prospective hike is due to “current unsustainable freight levels overall and the likelihood of continued strong demand through August”, the statement added. 

“With the overall uncertainty already seen in the eastbound freight market, the central issue for shippers and carriers alike is maintaining service and schedule reliability,” TSA executive administrator Brian Conrad said. 

“All partners in the supply chain need to be able to respond quickly and cover contingencies in the event of cargo surges or bottlenecks. And they need to know that their costs are covered in the process.” 

TSA carriers have already charged an extra $400 per feu for shipments to the US Pacific northwest, east and Gulf coast ports and via intermodal to inland US points from July 1. 

They also increased rates by $200 per feu to Pacific southwest ports in California from July 1, and will charge a further $200 per feu on July 15.