CSafe RKN receives FAA approval for upper deck

No modifications or changes were required to the current CSafe RKN design.


CSafe Global’s RKN has been granted FAA approval for use on the upper deck of aircraft and is now the only unit of its kind to have FAA approval for use on both lower and upper decks. No modifications or changes were required to the current CSafe RKN design, allowing the current fleet to fly while active on either deck.

CEO Brian Kohr explained: “FAA approval is a mandatory requirement for all active containers on US airlines.  CSafe was the first, and we remain the only company, to be granted FAA approval for our RKN. The new approval for the upper deck expands the lanes and flights that are now available to our partners.”

In 2008, when CSafe received its original FAA approval, the most common position for freight was on the lower deck.  Kohr continued: “In the last six years we’ve seen an increase in conversions to narrow body aircraft for freight service.  After consulting with our key global partners, we sought FAA approval for use of the CSafe RKN on the upper deck.”

Being able to use the CSafe RKN on both the upper and lower decks will enable forwarders to transport temperature-sensitive products originating from closer to the ship location to destinations closer to the receiving location thus reducing road transport and providing faster delivery times.