Guangzhou Airport gets efficient

The new customs clearance policy is part of the plan to accelerate the efficiency of the logistics services in the airport.

Guangzhou Baiyun Airport

China Southern Airlines’ CZ458 flight tested the new customs clearance procedure on April 13 with an eight ton cargo shipment. The processing took only three minutes for customs release upon arrival. Compared to the traditional way, the new procedure, which allows declaration before flight arrival, has shortened the import customs clearance time by three hours.

The new policy of Guangzhou Baiyun Airport Customs started on April 21 to accelerate the efficiency of Guangzhou airport logistics. The policy allows pre-declaration and tax paying before flight arrival into Guangzhou, once the shipment arrives, the ground handler will conduct import handling and send the tally report to customs and if no irregularity occurs, customs will then release the cargo immediately. The next step would involve applying the new policy to export cargo. This will bring efficiency and reduce the warehousing costs.

According to Guangzhou Baiyun Airport Customs, series of measures will be taken recently to accelerate the clearance efficiency, including electronic distribution of cargo from air side warehouses to agents’ facilities, extending customs working hours, improved regulations on air-truck transport, and allowing two times customs transfer for transshipments.

With its headquarters in Guangzhou, China Southern Airlines will gain apparent benefits from the new customs policy. According to China Southern, the new policy has boosted cargo business from Amsterdam to Guangzhou. The total time from Amsterdam to Guangzhou, then via truck to Hongkong now has been shortened to less than 25 hours.