Dachser adopts CargoSphere system

Dachser makes the decision to adopt CargoSphere's contract management system after a nine month RFP process.

CargoSphere Dachser

CargoSphere has announced the completion of Dachser’s implementation of CargoSphere’s contract and rate management solutions. Dachser was looking for a contract management system in terms of ease-of-use, scalability, speed of contract entry and query response, and advanced rate sharing and collaboration. After a formal RFP (Request for proposal) Dachser selected CargoSphere’s cloud-based platform from a comprehensive list of global providers, based on it delivering on all these criteria.

During the initial implementation, Dachser rate teams entered 242 trade-lane contracts using CargoSphere’s SUDS (Smart Upload and Diagnostics Solution) and Global Surcharge Management (GSM) features, creating a vast storeroom of buy rates. SUDS intelligently reads and processes external freight rate data directly from any static document and loads it into a dynamic rate system database for a more efficient and productive contract management process.  GSM features provide efficient management of contract accessorials.

“After a 9 month RFP process, including a trial with roughly 100 worldwide users, we were particularly impressed with SUDS and the depth of CargoSphere’s rate management functionality which gives us the power to manage our own contracts,” said Günther Laumann, head of global management ocean, Dachser Air & Sea Logistics.